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Agri Bitnan Island

Holland Microgreens and Dutch Quality Herbs & Vegetables Indonesia

Jakarta - Bekasi - Pulau Bintan Riau

New techniques will give new taste to the food. With the system Urban indoor organic and Heirlooms, we can generate a taste that comes back from long forgotten old days.

We safe on water, use no chemicals and pesticides. The indoor grow under High Quality Led lights will keep also infections outside. By growing this way, we can produce more cheaper vegetables, fresh herbs and microgreens. We can supply on a stable way because we no longer depend on the weather. We grow in a highly modern environment.

“Number 1 supplier fresh Microgreens.  For Jakarta Indonesia”

           Edible flowers

Edible flowers in different size and shapes for Jakarta, Bogor even to all other places in Indonesia.

We will grow a wide range of Edible flowers and chefs can request special items that we will grow special for them.

The edible flowers as decoration and Holland Microgreens packed with vitamin make a economical upgrade to every served meal.


top1microgreens Jakarta Indonesia

"From Holland Microgreens till Dutch  Vegetables and Quality Herbs” Speciall collection microgreen seeds Indonesia Jakarta

       Quality Microgreen                     Seeds

For many years we were looking around the world where to get the best quality microgreen seeds.  From Europe till Asia and the USA we collected them all to produce the best possible Microgreens. Now we are able to import all seeds and grow a healthy fresh GMO –free Microgreen assortment for the hotels and restaurants in Jakarta Indonesia.

Fresh Microgreens and salad mix

Fresh living organic Holland Microgreens™ for restaurants & hotels in Indonesia. Our specialty products you can only find in the better hotels and restaurants in indonesia

Due our special grow technique it became a good solution to sell High Quality Dutch Vegetables and herbs for low and stable prices in Jakarta.

For hotels and restaurant chains we can offer very competitive group prize for Microgreens, herbs and fresh vegetables.

We grow with the chef and for the chef. Our indoor grow program makes it possible import herbs grow and supply both near to the clients.

By using High Tech innovations to grow the organic Holland Microgreens™ in Indonesia we are able to produce a high-quality product that can be used in restaurants by example a Japanese kitchen, French or Asian kitchen of hotels, hospitals, schools etc.

We supply the Holland Microgreens to hotels and restaurants in Jakarta, Tangerang, Depok, South Jakarta, Bekasi, Bogor area, Bandung Area, Lembang.

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